How Crochet & Knitting Help You to Lose Weight ??

How Crochet & Knitting Help You Lose Weight ?

Most people tend to over eat in the evening. A meal skipped earlier in the day always end up with additional eaten calories in the evening.

Are you stressed? Emotional eating is done all the time but evenings tend to be rated as the highest. If you keep your hands and mind busy you can end up losing weight.

I have heard from many that learning to knit can be frustrating. There are many groups that meet all over the place during the week and even on weekends. They have both morning and evening groups that meet. Once the stitches are learned and practiced it does become easier. Like anything you have to practice.

It takes 28 days for a habit to form. Imagine knitting each evening for 28 days. By the time  28 days pass without eating in the evening , it may led you to lose a few pounds without even trying. For some people that’s the best, losing weight without even trying as we all struggle day to day to either lose weight or keep the pounds off.

What is NEAT ?

Do you know that you burn around 61 calories just lying down for an hour? Or 88 calories when reading a book or newspaper? Even sitting up and reading this article will burn almost 68 calories.

NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEPA, non-exercise physical activity, are all types of non-formal exercise that you do during the day that burns off calories.

This could include walking to the mailbox to fetch the mail, sweeping the floor or washing dishes. Fidgeting or doing these types of typical activities, which could broadly include knitting or crocheting, are all ways to burn off calories without actively involving yourself in training or physical exercise.

So it makes sense that doing a little more activity, like knitting or crocheting, will help you burn off more calories.

It is important to note though that the number of calories burnt doing different activities will depend on your age, weight and heart rate.

Sitting, Standing and Walking

Obviously, our body uses different amounts of energy when sitting, standing or walking. Sitting is how most of us knit or crochet, as it is the most comfortable and the easiest to manage our wool and stitches. However, if you feel adventurous, you could burn more calories by standing or walking.

Sitting – Sitting burns around 20 calories per 15 minutes, which means 80 calories per hour.

Standing – Standing burns around 22 calories per 15 minutes, which is 88 calories per hour.

Walking – Walking burns around 33 calories per 15 minutes, which means 132 per hour.


Knitting can be so therapeutic, with a wonderful end goal of a completed project, either for yourself or a loved one. It takes some concentration and skill, keeping count of your stitches, following a pattern and not missing any stitches. And all of this concentration and movement does result in some calorie burning.

Crocheting is fairly similar to knitting, instead only using one hook and wrapping the yarn over the fingers in the other hand. However, a similar movement is used, and this movement does also result in the burning of calories!

If you think about it, why shouldn’t it burn calories? Even though you are sitting, you are constantly moving your hands and arms to create and work on stitches, back and forth, back and forth, often for hours at a time.


While sitting down, knitting for an hour, a 150-pound person can burn around 100-150 calories. And this is only for one hour! The number of calories burned will obviously increase with any additional time you spend knitting.

Crocheting actually burns slightly more calories than knitting. In an hour, crocheting can burn off up to 173 calories. As mentioned earlier, you can burn off even more by standing or walking while crocheting, but this might leave a trail of wool following behind you, which can complicate things slightly.

A whole afternoon of crocheting can burn up to 500 calories, which can have a significant effect on your overall calorie count.


Just sitting and staying still can burn 20 calories per 15 minutes, which means in an hour you can burn off 80 calories. Now if you add in knitting to the equation, with the movement of the hands and fingers constantly to create stitches, you can add an extra 70 calories burned off.

Crocheting requires repetitive movements of the fingers, wrists and a bit of the arm. This repetitive movement does help strengthen the joints and muscles but doesn’t do much to increase heart rate. An increase in heart rate does help burn more calories, but as a light, non-tiring exercise, crocheting can help burn some off.

This is quite incredible, as most of us would not think that simple, repetitive movements of the hands would result in fairly significant calorie burning.


Why not start a new project, either knitting or crocheting, and get burning on the calories. Tie it all up with some extra chores at home and you might not feel guilty about skipping the gym! After all, life is to be enjoyed, and if you can kill two birds with one stone, why not? 😉





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